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In 2014, brothers Noel and Waseem Ballou started the Teez Agency in their cozy garage, shooting social media content just on their iPhones. Combining a passion for food with their digital marketing know-how, the pair quickly grew the team into a crew of forward-thinking creators leading national campaigns.

Now with a 15,000 square-foot studio in Southern California, our agency produces engaging and converting food-focused content for a broad range of culinary and beverage brands—from high-profile clients to mom-and-pop businesses. In 2020 Teez Agency acquired Cooking Panda, one of the fastest-growing food publishers in the media space. Under the Cooking Panda wing, we’re creating compelling stories and shareable recipes for home cooks everywhere.

We’re also working on a line of original products. And our investing arm, Panda Ventures, has already invested in over six companies changing the food game. We’ve been busy, but we’re eager to collaborate with you. Ready for creative solutions? Our dedicated in-house team can’t wait to help you achieve your goals.

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